Key Factors to Consider While Picking an Outdoor Banner

Customization and affordability are two prime reasons that have always made Outdoor banners a preferred choice of business advertising. Right from being mindful of the fabric to picking the right banner size, there’s a lot to contemplate while choosing banner advertising. If you are longing for a banner that is ideal for your business and helps you to generate new traffic, then a little understanding of this marketing tool can go a long way. While customization can help you churn benefits for your business, it is crucial to stay true to your brand elements like your logo, to keep them uniform across all the channels.

It is why we are listing below some of the key points that you must consider when you choose printed signage for your brand promotion:

  • Placement of Your Banner – You might be sure that you want a banner for promotion. But being sure about its placement and location is equally important. Outdoor banners are a perfect way to promote sales or special services, and when placed in the right location, it can convert a lot of foot traffic to sales. Right location can help you seek a lot more exposure and make your efforts all the more effective. So, for your outdoor banner, always pick a location that ensures generous visibility and less/no physical blockages. Analyze the spot by standing at a distance and check it out from several locations to make sure that it can be seen well.
Key Factors to Consider While Picking an Outdoor Banner
Outdoor Banner
  • Durability & Longevity- When we talk about outdoor banners, durability is one factor that cannot be overlooked. Since these banners are exposed to a lot of external elements, it becomes imperative that the quality of the graphic material is good enough to tackle them. The quality of the material plays a crucial role in withstanding various environmental factors, including UV rays, rain, high winds, etc. Understanding the durability factor will also help you to analyze the longevity of your outdoor banner. For eg. if you are planning to install your banner at a location that is subjected to harsh sunlight, it is susceptible to fading.  So, make sure that you look for UV resistant banner in such a case.
  • Right messaging is everything- Right messaging has everything to do with making the right impact on the users. To be able to influence someone, your banner design/message needs to be clear and impactful. The design and messaging both have a combined impact on your customers. Even if you are using an outdoor banner for a temporary period, it is important to choose a message that relays your advertisement goals right. This includes everything from the font style to its size, and artwork to the placement of your logo on the banner. Be careful about the design elements at the initial phase and ensure it meets the right banner designing guidelines.
Key Factors to Consider While Picking an Outdoor Banner
  • Choice of material and size– Picking the right banner material is the key to effective promotion. There are a variety of fabrics, cloth, PVCs and eco-friendly banner materials available in the market these days. You can pick anything from poly, vinyl, nylon, to other options depending upon how and where you are planning to install your banner. The material of a banner graphic also affects its weight, portability, other factors. The size of your outdoor banner is another feature that can make or break your advertising game. The very first thing to understand before ordering your banner is to be aware of your local advertising regulations and banner size limitations. Size is also a deciding factor for your installation choice that varies from one type of banner to the other.

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