Perforated Window Signs or One Way Vision Signs

Perforated Window Signs or One Way Vision Signs


Using perforated window signs is a good way to deflect sunlight while highlighting new promotions or advertising.

  • Easy peel-and-stick application
  • Oneway vision from inside to outside
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Ever thought of advertising through windows? If not, now is the time to make this decision. is here to provide you with one way vision window film for all your advertising needs. One way vision window film can be used inside malls, shops, buildings and showrooms.

One way vision is a single view window film, which is pasted from one side and blocks the view from the other. Integrating digital graphics on extravagant film provides a finer view. It is commonly used on Large Glass Windows for advertising on shopping mall windows or car showrooms. In addition, one way vision decals stick smoothly on glass to enhance the outside view. One way vision has emerged as a new medium for delivering advertising messages on a broader scale, making it more engaging and interesting.

However, one way see through glass film also works as a screen to hide cluttered and unkempt areas from public view. Working as a protector, it protects window glass from cracking and scratching. The illustrated graphic film covers the area with a colorful picture when seen from afar. One way vision signs can be used in all kinds of advertising. Furthermore, it is attention grabbing and promotes a certain product elaborately.

We at deal in variety of One Way Vision Film and they are:

  • MACtac JT5000: It’s an excellent quality one way vision perforated white vinyl. They are available with semi permanent acrylic adhesive for windows.
  • LM50000: It is best for distant viewing. This is 185µ bright white perforated one-way vision 50/50 film with 1.5mm hole size.
  • LM5300B: It is similar to LM5000 but differs in quality. It is available in 30/70 film and is suitable for closer viewing.

Other than these varieties mentioned, we also deal in see-through one way vision signs on perforated window film. It allows daylight to pass through windows and you can view the outside area from inside. See-through window advertisements give high value in terms of money. With creative graphics, you can decorate the space with sharp and catchy colors to draw attention. Plus, this film works as a decorative tool to embellish your windows beautifully. Not just on windows but it can be used on moving vehicles, doors and billboards.

Window posters Graphics are also trending to enhance outside viewing. They are easy to remove and easy to apply for permanent and temporary use. WindowTac uses special adhesive to keep the film from forming wrinkles while pasting it. It is printed on 195gsm photorealistic water resistant poster without lamination. One way vision films and decals can also be used for office dividers and corridor separators. They are printed on special frosted film for fixed glass windows which offers durability and a lasting view. is one stop shop for all these above mentioned one way vision window films, decals, and signs. We promise to deliver superior quality, uniqueness and extraordinary service.