Candle Labels


Illuminate Your Space: Premium and Customisable Candle Labels

Light up the darkness and spread warmth with our premium stickers for candles. These stickers do more than complement your candle-they enhance its visibility and emit elegance. Experience the true essence of a candle and enhance the ambiance of any setting with our highly customizable labels for candles, ideal for gifts, parties, birthdays, other events, and as cherished keepsakes.

Custom Candle Labels in Glossy and Matte Finishes

Our Candle label printing service offers two unique paper types to match your specific needs: the classic 70 lb glossy and the elegant matte. The matte labels deliver a subtle yet impressive elegance, while the glossy labels feature a radiant sheen that immediately captures attention. Our personalized candle stickers allow you to add short messages, company slogans, product information, or images, adding significant value to an otherwise standard candle.

This Unique Design Candle Packaging Labels provides enhanced personalization options, with a surface compatible with permanent ink and ballpoint pens for detailed customization. It comes equipped with a durable, permanent adhesive backing, ensuring prolonged durability. Additionally, maintaining a minimum product border of 3 mm is important; thinner borders may lead to uneven edges due to the cutting process.

Diverse Size and Packaging Options for Tailored Candle Labels

Transform your candles into alluring objects even before they are lit. Our custom candle labels, crafted from top-quality materials, add a luxurious shine to your products and packaging. The unique design of our personalized candle labels ensures your candles are distinctive, engaging your audience.

Available in various custom sizes, these labels accommodate orders ranging from 25 to 5000 prints, catering to diverse needs and occasions. They are perfect for business owners seeking impactful branding or hobbyists wanting to enhance their candle packaging and maximize its marketing potential during gifts and giveaways.