Circle Pop Up Banners
  • Circle Pop Up Banners
  • Circle Pop Up Banners

Circle Pop Up Banners


Double-sided brand visibility perfect for any event.

  • Includes carry bag and pegs
  • 2 sided graphics
  • Very light weight and convenient for carrying

Circle pop up banners offer a very novel look. It is really very hard for people to ignore them when in a crowd environment. They can be put on floor with both sides printed your promotion information. Just like a clip, it takes on the shape of letter A. Other shapes are also available, like oval, circle, vertical, tower, triangle and horizontal style.

Its frame covered are all made of spring stainless steel strengthened with Velcro, and the graphic is smooth and seamless without any wrinkles or ripples. Though the circle pop up banner doesn't look small in size, the weight is ultra light. When your order these custom banners online, you'll see that they are well packed in a small carry bag, which is very convenient for carrying to multiple events. It is also very fast and easy to set up and fold, just finished within seconds and without any resort to tools.

After pop up, you can place it at anywhere you like, we have pegs for fixing it to floor or other flat faces both outdoor and indoor. It features large space left to print your insignia, 2 sides graphics help to double the exposure of your information so that passers-by can easily catch it. Unlike other items, it has a large touch area rather than a stand type that is very easy to fall down and blow away.

No matter what's the weather there, it can always fully display your business, logo or brand. It certainly will become your useful assistant in not only trade shows but sports events, special promotions or fairs. Get started with BannerBuzz and order your custom banners online today.

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