Custom Yard Signs

Custom Yard Signs


Using attention-grabbing yard signs is a fast, easy way to get the word out

  • High resolution Digital printing
  • Free from holes, grommets, strings or nails
  • Available in non reflective, reflective Your sign is produced using an engineer grade 7mil, 3m vinyl film. When light hits the material it reflects, drawing attention to your sign. & HIP HIP (High Intensity Prismetic) film is highly reflective, and it's durable topcoat protects signs and other traffic control devices against scratches and abrasion. Not only is it highly reflective at night, it also commands attention during the day as well. reflective films

"H stand" is not included with the order. You may purchase the "H stands" at a local hardware stores.


Get Top Quality Lawn Sign Advertising from the Best in the Business!

The custom yard signs we have on offer are perfect for either directing your visitors at an event, or making important announcements about an upcoming event. Our premium quality corflute and garden signs are also widely used by businesses, garage sales, real estate developers and others.

Durable and Versatile Designs!

The best thing about using our custom yard signs is their durability and versatility. Designed from top quality materials, our lawn sign advertising products look great on the ground or when hung from the ceiling. With multiple display and size options, our yard sign designs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Printed on either single or double sides, our corflute signs offer unmatched versatility that fits great in any setting.

Easy to Install and Remove!

Our custom yard signs are sturdy and well made, which makes it extremely easy to install and remove. Either prop them on a shelf or install them using rope or string. Corflute signs can also be hung from the roof or ceiling, or simply placed on the floor with stakes or an A-frame. For exterior use, all you have to do is wipe them with a smooth, damp cloth when finished and store away until your next event.

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