Canvas Banners

Canvas Banners


Canvas banners are given a non-reflective finish, which makes these banners perfect for theatrical productions, press conferences and trade shows.

  • Made from high quality art cotton canvas
  • The material is recyclable and can be thrown as domestic waste
  • Versatile and cost effective way to advertise your business

With Canvas Banners and Signs, Make Every Event Beautiful and Stunning!

Our multipurpose canvas banners and signs are ideal for weddings, theatrical productions, trade shows, press conferences, and any event that requires a display of a mesmerizing and eye-catching announcement. Every great event requires an enticing way to attract and intrigue the crowd to come and explore. There is no better way to do it using our high quality custom canvas banners and signs. Yes, that's right, you have complete creative freedom over our banners.

Customise Our Banners to Get Your Message Heard!

When will people notice your message? Regardless of what your aim is with the message, you want people to glance at it at least. The only way you can fulfil that requirement is by taking creative measures to ensure it happens.

If you have no questions, you can proceed to design your own custom canvas banners and signs by selecting either the "Design Online" or "Upload Artwork" option. From there, you can choose colours, font, background, and more.

Investing in Our Canvas Banner Printing Will be Worth It

Have you ever bought a banner you thought was the real deal, but turned out to be a dud? With BannerBuzz, this will not be an issue, as we produce custom canvas banners and signs that are built to last you up to ten years if displayed indoors and up to three years if displayed outdoors. We remain upfront with our customers about the expiration date of our products because we are the real deal!

Are We the Right Canvas Supplier for You?

Our years of experience and a number of satisfied customers over the years tells us that we are definitely the right canvas supplier for you to look towards to help you create an effective and noticeable message.

Are You Ready to Give Us a Call?

If you want people to stop and read your message, you need to come up with an attention grabbing banner to make it happen. That's where our specialised canvas banner printing comes in! If you do not have ideas, let us help you come up with one.

We want to hear your creative thoughts and if need be, combine ours to create some great canvas banners and signs!