SEG Portable Straight Line Queuing Panel

SEG Portable Straight Line Queuing Panel


Highly-durable Straight Line Queue Displays:

  • Frame Material: Aluminium Frame with Attachments
  • Fabric Material: Polyester Fabric 340 GSM
  • Custom sizes available
  • Bulk quantity discount
  • Best for controlling the queues & maintaining distance

Manage the Crowd with Quality-driven SEG Portable Straight Line Queueing Panels 

Here comes a feasible yet highly-effective tool to control the long queues and even the crowd at public sites such as convenience stores, pharmacies, banks, and other counters where managing long queues is highly important. The frame of the queuing panel has been constructed out of aluminum and comes with attachments that provide sturdiness to the entire product. If we talk about the fabric, then you can stay assured on the longevity and quality aspects as it has been made from 340 GSM polyester fabric that withstands the continuous usage and can beat harsh sunlight if utilized for outdoor queue events or tasks. Considering the present situation of COVID-19, it is highly vital to display these straight line queue displays at the billing counters or help desks of various public sites so that no chance or scope is being left for the infections to be transmitted among customers standing or waiting in the queue and thus it becomes feasible for the staff to manage the crowd effectively.