Premium Indoor Floor Mats

Premium Indoor Floor Mats


With our premium indoor mats, greeting customers just got more fun!

  • Available in two standard sizes
  • All our indoor mats are made from durable material
  • Most convenient and affordable advertising tool

Your Customers Deserve a Grand Welcome

  • You no longer have to station yourself at door to greet your customers, but you can welcome them with the help of our indoor floor mats.
  • You can still direct your employees to welcome the customers, but the first thing to welcome them will be your custom floor mats.
  • There are several places you can place your indoor mats.
  • You can place the indoor mats around various parts of your store such as in outside the dressing room if you have a retail store.
  • This is an ideal way to welcome your customers into your store.

Customise Our Indoor Mats

  • The trick to catch your customer's attention is in how you personalise it.
  • You can add your name, logo, or even a message you want to communicate to your customers.
  • Use our indoor floor mats as an advertising tool or even as a decorative tool.
  • Each indoor mat can be personalised with a different message or saying.
  • You can even write brief customer feedback on our custom floor mats.
  • If you're attending an exhibition, place our premium indoor mats inside or outside your stall.
  • You can use the same strategy if you're holding a product launch or some type of event to attract customers.
  • If you're sponsoring an event, place our mats throughout the hall to increase exposure.