Suction Cup Flags - Rectangle


Quick, easy and convenient marketing

  • Suction cup flags have the power to get the momentum of your marketing campaign going forwards - and going big!
  • BannerBuzz Australia offers a wide range of attractive suction cup flags. Promote your business, brands, offers and anything else that you want.
  • We also offer custom made flags online - get any message that you want printed on them, and your targeted audience is sure to notice.
  • We print all our flags in high quality inks and colours - designs that attract your potential consumers, and keep them hooked!
  • Our products offer durability and reliability; the suction mount firmly attaches to the surface and stays there without being affected by the weather or any other environmental factor.
  • Our suction cup flags are easy to install - just mount them on any smooth surface and the suction mount will find its grip.

Get the message printed on one side or both

  • BannerBuzz Australia offers custom made flags online with both single sided and double sided printing. Our prints offer a resistance to fading, so your message stays on our suction flags for a good amount of time.
  • We use lightweight materials that offer a resistant to wear and tear.
  • Browse our custom made flags online and place an order for your suction cup flags today!