Die-Cut Frosted Decals


Advertising Window Decals are Durable, High-Quality, and Customisable

Businesses like stores, restaurants, and bars need to grab the attention of passers-by to draw in new customers, especially on a busy street. Businesses may need help to come up with an effective lead generation strategy. Our frosted stickers transform your windows into a creative ad space where you may brand your business. Use the decals to decorate your office while also improving privacy.

Vinyl window decals comprise a durable monomeric PVC material that offers abrasion resistance ensuring the decals serve you for an extended period. The decals attach firmly to your windows and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with an adhesive peel strength of 12 N/25 mm.

Printing at 720 DPI results in high-resolution images that are clear and visible from afar. The die-cut decals have a vibrant finish thanks to the full colour printing technology, which generates a wide spectrum of hues. This level of quality will lure potential clients in, and you will engage with them more effectively.

We provide customisation options to help you get just what you need. Choose a size from the options, or order a custom size that fits your windows. If you want translucent colours on your store window decals to create a picture effect, select the no white ink option. The partial white ink selection will only back the white colours in the artwork, but the full white ink option will make all the colours in the image appear solid, which is ideal if you will apply the stickers on tinted glass. Upload your graphics, use our design tool to develop your designs, or hire a designer to assist you.

Frosted Window Decals are Easy to Install and Enhance Privacy

Strangers walking by your store, restaurant, or workplace can't peer in because of the opaque illusion created by frosted stickers. You can thus use the decals to protect the privacy of your customers and staff, or to block light from entering your establishment.

Die-cut decals are simple to apply using a peel-and-stick process. To remove air bubbles and flatten uneven surfaces and give your stickers a professional look, you can employ an easy-to-use squeegee applicator.

Advertising Window Decals are Eco-Friendly

To reduce your carbon footprint, we employ an eco-solvent printing technique to ensure our frosted stickers are less toxic to the environment. This also ensures that your business appears to adhere to its ethical environmental responsibilities.

Frosted Window Decals Help You Brand Your Business

BannerBuzz frosted window stickers are a resilient, high-quality, and eco-friendly tool to help you turn your windows into an advertising space to raise brand awareness and generate leads.

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