SEG Office Desk Partitions - 2 Desk

SEG Office Desk Partitions - 2 Desk


A quick and inexpensive solution to create office workstations.

  • Easily configure upto 2 desktop workstations
  • Choice of 3 different sizes and Zero-hassle assembly
  • Ready-to-use desktop partition solution
  • Very economical
  • Please note that desks are not included in our desk partition orders.

Create Full Modular 2-desk SEG Desktop Partitions Quick & Easy

 Every workplace is currently looking for ways to create separated spaces and workstations to accommodate the need of social distancing. Besides creating cordoned workspaces, you can use these ready to use 2-desk office partitions to meet expanding office needs in your budget.

The SEG aluminum frames and attachments that we offer are extremely durable and robust. The 2-desktop frame set-up is available in 3 different sizes for you to meet your space needs. You can order this frame with or w/o the fabric depending upon your needs. Whatever desktop dimensions you choose, you will receive T Connector, Cross Connector, and Footpad as a part of your SEG full modular workspace.

This full-modular frame will help you create 2 desk spaces at once. To create more similar spaces, increase the quantity of your order. To help you save more, we are offering a bulk buy discount that will help you save up to extra $1000.

Please refer to the product specifications tab to understand the complete product details. Act now and place your order. We promise you a safe doorstep delivery.