SEG Fabric Frames

SEG Fabric Frames


The SEG Fabric frame is sure to get noticed!

  • Available in four different sizes
  • High-resolution dye-sublimated fabric graphic
  • Easy changing of Fabric Graphics

Get the attention you crave with beautiful SEG fabric frames!

The SEG fabric banner frames, or push fit graphics, have become popular promotional tool these days.

The display comprises of a printed fabric, featuring the marketing message. This fabric is surrounded by a thin silicone strip on all four sides, allowing it to be inserted into an aluminium frame.

The resultant graphic display looks beautiful, instantly garnering attention and marketing your business!

Banner Buzz Australia offers tension fabric displays in various sizes. Install them wherever you want and create an impact on your target audience.

A lightweight and portable display

Tension graphic displays can be used at any retail store, shopping mall, trade show, arena, airport or anywhere else where graphic displays are installed.

The designs are printed using dye sublimation inks so the resultant quality is good. Plus, the colours offer a resistance to fading so they stay as they are for prolonged periods.

The fabric is washable and doesn't get wrinkled or creased.

Banner Buzz Australia offers tension fabric displays at an affordable price.

Get our SEG fabric banner frames, publicise your brand, and increase awareness!