Floor Standing Sneeze Shield

Floor Standing Sneeze Shield


Use Floor-Standing Sneeze Shields to Protect Staff and Clients

  • Made of 200 GSM PVC material, the guards are durable.
  • Select from a variety of customisation options to meet your needs.
  • Lightweight shields are simple to transport.
  • Easy to assemble and ready to use.
  • Quick and simple installation procedure saves time.

Floor-Standing Sneeze Shield are Durable, Portable, and Customisable

Your business is on the lookout for simple and portable solutions to maintain safety and minimise the spread of illnesses across workstations or in stores. Deliver ultimate protection for your employees and clients with counter sneeze guards. To avoid the spread of airborne viruses between people, create sectioned-off regions within any venue using our guards.

Constructed of premium-quality PVC material and aluminium, the clear vinyl sneeze guards are durable. The guards are robust and can withstand everyday wear and tear, thus ensuring high performance and long-term use. A one-time purchase, the shields provide good ROI.

Customise the office sneeze guards to meet your specific business requirements. You can select only the panel, just the stand, or both components. Depending on your needs, choose from a variety of size ranges and panel lengths.

Our reception sneeze guards are easy to place and reposition. Featuring lightweight materials, the guards are simple to store when not in use. The easy mobility of the products makes them reusable, increasing the ROI.

Ready-to-Use Clear Vinyl Sneeze Guards are Easy to Install

The counter sneeze guards are quick to assemble and ready to use upon delivery. To stop the transmission of aerosol infections, just position the guards where needed. Help to keep staff and visitors healthy and avoid loss of productivity with the PVC guards.

Clear vinyl sneeze guards create separation between individuals to reduce the transmission of disease. Adhesive Velcro on the clear PVC 580 GSM panel allows for rapid attachment to the stand for direct installation. The straightforward and time saving installation process lets you quickly provide safety barriers.

Floor Standing Sneeze Shields are Easy to Order

With a variety of shipping options to choose from based on your budget and your preferred delivery speed, it's easy to order office sneeze guards. We offer doorstep delivery for convenience.

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