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For businesses and exhibitors, the Spring Up Display Counter with LED Lights is versatile and unique. Easy setup and takedown with this spring-up portable counter. Its LED lights make events and trade shows more elegant. For product demonstrations and customer engagement, the counter has plenty of space for product displays, promotional materials, and interactive elements. With its LED lighting, striking design, and convenience, the Spring Up Display Counter makes a professional impression at promotional events.

Prime-Quality Material:Aluminum and wood are used in the construction of the hardware for our display counter, which provides both durability and stability. The graphic material that will be used is 260g backlit fabric, which is well-known for its superior abilities to diffuse light and produce vibrant printing results. The utilization of all these components will result in an exhibition that is both long-lasting and visually arresting.

Vivid Replaceable Graphics:The vibrant replaceable graphics on our display counter are made of 260g backlit fabric, which is of the highest possible quality. Your advertising message will be strengthened by the graphics, and your audience will be more likely to pay attention to what you have to say. The graphic edges feature silicon strips that are simple to attach, which makes the installation process much easier.

Illuminated Impact:Our led counter display has brilliant white LED lights, which create a high-impact marketing display that is sure to grab people’s attention at retail events and trade shows. Your branding and messaging will benefit from the addition of an eye-catching visual element provided by the illuminated design.

Led Counter Display for Unique Marketing and Showcasing Your Product

Super-Fast Setup:This display counter is equipped with a spring mechanism that enables it to be pulled up and retracted in a matter of seconds with ease. The days of having to put together something complicated are long gone. Enjoy the ease of a quick and trouble-free setup that will allow you to concentrate on showcasing your products and interacting with customers.

Customizable Graphics:Using the custom graphic wrap that is available for our display counter, you are able to create a welcoming counter that is both attractive and unique. You can achieve a unified and polished appearance that elevates the overall impact of your marketing efforts by harmonizing the graphic design of your marketing materials with the design of your display booth.

Space-Saving Design: When it's not being used as a display counter, our counter is built to be space efficient. It is possible to fold it up into a rigid case, which makes it convenient to carry and put away. Enjoy the ease of use that comes with a solution that is both compact and portable, all without sacrificing functionality or aesthetic appeal.

Spring Up Display Counter for Highlighting Artwork and Logo

LED Lighting:Our display counters base features 12 white LED lights that each consume 1.5W of power and operate on 12V. When combined with our backlit fabric, these lights will illuminate and highlight the artwork, logo, or message that you have chosen to display. You can use either a US plug or an EU plug, depending on where you are.

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