Pre-Printed No Dining Order Online Feather Flag

Pre-Printed No Dining Order Online Feather Flag

  • The pre-printed flag graphic boasts vibrant colors and a relevant message.
  • Flag printing choices include single & double-sided printing.
  • Add hardware: includes an aluminum pole with a choice of cross/spike base.
  • The feather flag is available in four different size dimensions.

Durable No Dining Order Online Feather Flag With Pre-Printed Graphic Design

Effective and clear communication about the operating hours, food menu, dining/takeout/curbside services has always been imperative for food businesses. However, online food ordering signs have become the front & center of many businesses, post the pandemic. Due to real-time communication gaps and social distancing, you must advertise your online ordering service to entice potential customers and increase sales. Our pre-printed no dining order online feather flag is a quick, inexpensive, and ready-to-use signage solution to bring attention to your online ordering service.

Our pre-printed flag is an excellent way to communicate that your food business is unavailable for dining while at the same time bringing attention to your online ordering service. The pre-designed flag graphics boast vibrant colors and bold text, making them highly noticeable. Plus, the eccentric feather flag shape adds prominence to the message and makes it great for roadside advertising.

Constructed out of weather-resistant, durable, and premium flag fabric, our no-dining-order-online flag is ideal for outdoor use. The flag fabric can withstand different ambient conditions. The 90 GSM graphic weight makes the flag lightweight, making it convenient for you to install, remove, store, and transport it as and when needed.

Promoting your online ordering service is important for your business to thrive. To yearn the most out of it, consider installing our pre-printed no dining order online feather flag in foot-traffic areas or somewhere it is highly visible.

No Dining Order Online Feather Flag Printing Options

We offer two printing choices for our pre-printed feather flags. Suit your printing preferences to select the one that works for your business depending upon your location, budget, or need. The single-sided feather flag is printed on one side, with 50%-60% visibility of the mirrored image on the backside.

The double-sided feather flag is printed on both sides with a liner sewn in between the two sides. It ensures that the reflection of one image does not overlap with the print on the other side. The 2-sided flag provides maximum coverage as it communicates the message clearly from both sides and does not limit your ability to advertise.

Order Flag Hardware Along With Our Pre-Printed Feather Flag Graphic

The flexibility to order our pre-printed no dining order online feather flag allows you to order the graphic and hardware together or separately. To add the hardware to your order, please set the ADD POLE option to YES. The flag hardware includes a carbon composite fiberglass flagpole, which is highly durable and structurally solid. It comes with a pole pocket on the left for quick and easy installation of the flag graphic. Along comes a quick choice of base options- cross base, cross base with water bags, or spike base to suit your installation needs.