Pre-Printed No Dining Order Online Feather Flag


Feather Flags are High-Quality, Customisable, and Easy to Install

Informing patrons of your business status is important for customer retention and keeping an enterprise going during unusual circumstances. While certain factors may limit activities in physical locations, there are ways to adapt and provide alternative options to visitors. Advertising feather flags are an effective way of telling clients that they can still order via phone or internet until indoor accommodations return.

With high-quality printing and their upright feather shape, these 'order online' signs are easily visible to those approaching in their vehicles. Bright colours catch the eye while the upper portion of the sign is seen over the tops of nearby vegetation and other objects. A liner sewn between the front and back improves the opacity of the printed side.

'No dining signs' are available in a variety of sizes to meet your display needs, whether placed curbside or closer to the road. Choose single-sided printing or double-sided for optimal messaging visibility. Order the hardware and the flag together or individually, along with spike or cross bases.

Advertising feather flags are quick and easy to assemble with carbon composite fibreglass hardware to support the flag portions. Flags feature a pocket to fit onto the pole, which keeps the fabric taut in the wind. Spike bases stick into the ground while cross bases sit on hard, flat surfaces and maintain stability.

No Dining Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

With their lightweight construction and modular design, feather flags are conveniently portable and easy to reposition. Move them to a new spot if a more visible location for display becomes available or into storage between uses. They also break down into separate components to save space.

'Order online' signs communicate an effective, clear message with the existing text, saving the time of customised design. The colours and font are also versatile, suiting a range of dining establishments. Assembly is a fast, easy process so you can get the flags on display sooner.

Feather Flags are Easy to Maintain and Clean

Keep the advertising flags free of grime, dust, and pollen to ensure that the text is clear and legible. The flags are removable and hand-washable, which helps the fabric last longer. Machine-washing is also possible with mild detergent. This ease of maintenance saves you time and resources.

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