Wall Box Fabric Displays

Wall Box Fabric Displays


Introducing the new Wallbox fabric display, a portable unlike anything you've ever seen

  • Excellent choice for trade shows or events
  • Portable transport and easy set up
  • Available in various sizes

Market your brands in a conveniently portable manner with our wall display box!

Garner attention uniquely

  • Our wall display box is a highly exclusive and highly effective way to market your business!
  • It stands tall in its place, ensuring that each and everyone takes notice. So your message is communicated quite effectively.
  • Whether you are launching a new product or introducing new features to an existing one, wall box display units are an effectively impressive way to let your target audience know.
  • Customise with the graphic of your choice so that they reflect your brand image.

Communicate your message conveniently

  • The wallbox fabric display can be installed quickly without any tool. It comes with a simple snapping mechanism that allows you to set it up in just a minute or two.
  • When the campaign or the event is over, you can easily pack the product back into the bag. This feature adds to your convenience, allowing you to display the unit at tradeshows networking conferences and other similar events.
  • Our wallbox display comprises of polyester fabric, wrapped around a towering frame.
  • We use quality inks for printing designs on the wallbox fabric display units, which make them durable. Thus, they can be used for prolonged periods.
  • You can place them outside as well, and they won't be affected by environmental factors.
  • So place an order today, and build awareness about your upcoming launch.