SEG Desktop Dividers - 4 Desk

SEG Desktop Dividers - 4 Desk


Divide Up the Workspace with a quality-driven and sturdy range of Desktop Dividers:

  • Frame Material: Aluminium Frame with Attachments
  • Fabric Material: Polyester Fabric 340 GSM
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Bulk Quantity Discount
  • Best for Desk Partitions & Protected Environment against COVID-19
  • Please note that desks are not included in our desk partition orders.

Divide Cubicles at Office Perfectly with SEG Desktop Dividers 

Introduce quality-driven displays in your office or workspace for better space allocation and usage too. Here, the SEG Desktop Dividers serve the purpose for 4 desks by effectively dividing the cubicles equally. Considering the present COVID-19 pandemic situation, these desktop dividers are going to aid your employees in maintaining the required distance and precaution from fellow staff members and thus the risk of being infected can be avoided. These desktop dividers or desk partitions protect and control the way through which airborne infections travel or even the Coronavirus infection gets transmitted through the droplets while someone sneezes, coughs, or even communicates. So, adding this vital tool for your workspace would create a safe and better environment for the employees to work and definitely will improve the competence to work. If we talk about material quality or durability, then these desktop dividers have been constructed out of sturdy materials SEG i.e., Silicon Edge Graphics and aluminum frames that altogether turn up the life and exclusivity of the product.