SEG Office Desk Partitions - 6 Desk

SEG Office Desk Partitions - 6 Desk


Create ready-to-use workstations economically with these durable SEG desktop partitions.

  • Easily configure a range of work stations
  • Choice of 3 different sizes and Zero-hassle assembly 
  • Ready-to-use desktop partition solution
  • Very economical
  • Please note that desks are not included in our desk partition orders.

6-desks SEG Desktop Partitions- Separated workstations are the future of every workspace

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way businesses and workplaces operate. The new normal demands every office to make various changes in the operating model. The biggest challenge at work would be to smartly implement social distancing to keep your employees safe. Are you too struggling to find an economical solution to redesign your workspace before getting back to work after COVID-19?  We’ve got your back with our full modular workstation solutions. The 6-desk SEG desktop partition will help you create up to 6 separate workstations quickly, at a budgeted price. 

Just assemble in minutes and create safe, hassle-less, and separated workspaces anywhere.  

These SEG partitions will be delivered to you along with aluminum frames and attachments (T Connector, Cross Connector, and Footpad). Our SEG frames are extremely durable, so is the fabric. You can order the 6-desktop partitions in any of the 3 different sizes available here. You also get the flexibility to order the aluminum frame set-up with or w/o the fabric. We use premium polyester Fabric (340 GSM) only. This fully modular desk partition offers you 6 desk spaces at a very minimal price. Plus, you can save an extra $1000 on bulk buy order.

The complete product details are available in the product specifications tab. Please take a moment to check out more SEG desktop partitions that we are currently offering.

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