Pole Banners

Pole Banners


Want to attract the attention from far distances, use our pole banners!!!

  • Maximum width of banner should be 30" for pole brackets
  • Single and double side options

Pole banners and signs are impossible to ignore. Custom street banners are designed to attract the attention of people even at far distances. For the past thirty years they have been a popular marketing instrument amongst retail business people and dealers. BannerBuzz has only made this fact even more apparent over the past few years.

Today, with modern technologies, pole banners and signs have become the most cost effective advertising solution. We ensure that every order is designed according to specifications provided by the customer. BannerBuzz makes it a point to follow instructions down to the last word. No matter what type of event, campaign or advertising you need these custom street banners for; we will deliver exactly what you need.

Pole banners and signs serve as effective semi-permanent signage. When clients purchase custom street banners, the cost includes hardware and instructions needed for installation. There are different types of pole banners and signs to choose from. To mention a few:

Banner Stand: Portable Tension Pole

With banner stands, you can replace the graphic panel whenever you need. They are easy to handle and help save money. You will only need to buy the stand once, thereby saving cost of order an entire new pole each time.

Duo Banner stand

This pole offers users the option to use two graphic panels at once. These custom street banners by BannerBuzz are very effective for exhibitions where a lot of information can be displayed at once.

I - Banner stand

This is an unbeatable option BannerBuzz has provided. It saves money and is a versatile banner stand. Though it is a single sided stand, it is portable being lightweight. It is ideal for presentations both indoors and outdoors.

Uno Telescopic Banner Stand

You have the option to select either the single sided stand or the double sided one. It comes with a telescopic pole, with adjustable height. They are available at BannerBuzz in three different widths. Moreover, users can connect these custom street banners together using some magnetic tape. This creates picture perfect backdrops at presentations.

X-Banner stand

There are XB2 and XB3 banner stands available too. These were created for indoor use at events and promotional campaigns. BannerBuzz has designed these with eyelets to allow users to fix them up easily.

Twist Static Banner stand

You can choose from the single or double Twist Static Pole banner. These pole banners and signs allow users to use add-ons like leaflet dispensers, monitor brackets, laptops and other additional lighting systems. Moreover, they can be bent into different shapes and linked to other banners to create flawless graphic display.

Vortex X Banner stand

This Pole banner by BannerBuzz can be used to display graphic images of 1800 x 800mm is dimension.

Planet Bow

These custom street banners are for eco-friendly users. BannerBuzz has designed this as a renewable and recyclable Pole banner. It is made from natural bamboo and is durable.

Remember, at BannerBuzz, our street banners for sale are at affordable prices. Moreover, there are discount offers, FREE shipping and other benefits. Once you place an order you will receive the pole banners and signs within 48-72 hours. Feel free to contact us for more information.