Custom Hand Waver Flags


Your next big event is just looming around the corner

  • And you're hoping to generate lots and lots of leads.
  • What's the best way to garner attention and compel an action? Custom hand waver flags!
  • Hand waver flags aren't only a pretty means to advertise your event, promotion, offer, brand or business, but they are extremely effective as well!
  • Just hand them out to all the attendees and see how word gets around - quick and fast.
  • BannerBuzz Australia offers a wide range of hand flags for sale available in lovely, attractive colours and eye catching designs.
  • We also offer custom hand flags, and print designs of your choice in colours of your preference. Get your logo and tag line printed or some other message for your targeted audience.

Choose from a variety of options

  • BannerBuzz Australia offers various choices in terms of the lengths and pole diameters. Our custom hand waver flags are available in four different sizes.
  • The pole is made from plastic and available in white and black colours. For the top, you can either select a round ball or a Black Cusp.
  • Our hand waver flags for sale are of extremely high quality. They offer a resistance to environmental factors, and the effect on the high quality fabric is minimum.
  • Place an order today!