Concave Flags

Concave Flags


Available in sizes from 6ft to 14ft with easy set up

  • Available in sizes from 6ft to 14ft
  • Hardware Only - Includes Poles & Base only
  • Easy to setup
  • Graphic Only - Does Not Include Poles and Base
  • Carbon Composite Fiber Glass Construction
  • Graphic with Hardware - Includes Poles & Base

Use Our Unique Concave Shape to Give Your Business the Edge over the Competition

When you have competitors, you have to stand out. However, standing out is not as easy as it sounds, especially if your competitor is marketing their products and services better than you are. The minute you put your guard down and allow your business to get one up on you, you lose business and drive traffic straight to them. The idea is not to blend, but to show.

You want to set yourself apart from your competitors by implementing a strategy that makes you stick out like a sore thumb. You require a marketing tool that helps you achieve what you are asking for in terms of promoting your business. We know exactly what you need — you need our concave flags.

Our custom concave flags have a unique shape and to this day, the shape remains one of the most popular and preferred designs to buy amongst our clients. We receive daily orders from customers, ordering our concave flags. Our concave flag arrives with its own carry bag, ground spike, and fibreglass and aluminium pole set. However, you have the option to select a base other than the standard one that comes with your order. Some additional base options include rotating ground spike, cross stand, ground screw, and more.

Do Not Leave Our Site without Ordering a Custom Concave Flag

Even though we offer affordable rates in comparison to our competitors, we do not compromise on the quality of the material or the technology used to print the coloured graphics, text, and logo. We use high quality and fire-retardant polyester material to design your custom concave flags.

When you receive your concave banner flag, you will see sharp, visible, and eye-catching graphics. On the spot, you can assemble the flag and position it at your desired location. With our flag and banner printing options, you can place our flags both outside and inside your store.

Submit Your Design Preferences so We Can Get Started On Your Order

You can upload your design via our site or you can ask us to create a design for you. We have experienced designers working on our team. You can consult with them to decide on a design pattern that will work best for you. If you select the double-sided option, we can print either the same image or a different image on each side of the concave flag. If you select the single-sided option of our flag and banner printing, we can print on one side and leave the other side blank.

Our aim through our products is to help you gain the exposure you need to stand out from your competitors and attract customers your way. We want to help you attract customers and increase foot traffic. Place your order for one or more custom concave flags to make your business's presence known. It is about time people realize that a new competitor is in town.

  • Minimal assembly required for custom concave flags
  • Unique flag shape and increased print space
  • Available in one-sided and double-sided print options