Pre-Printed Grand Opening Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Grand Opening Feather Flag

  • The flag graphic comes pre-printed with a noticeable GRAND OPENING text.
  • Both single and double-sided printing options are available.
  • Add hardware: includes an aluminum pole with a choice of cross/spike base.
  • The feather flag is available in four different size dimensions.

Pre-Printed Grand Opening Flag With a Choice of Hardware Options

Just finished setting up your new business, facility, or workspace, and want the world to know about it? A grand opening sign can help you create anticipation and excitement about your new business that is all set to open its doors for the customers. It can help you attract prospective customers at large even before your business is open. Consider installing it a few weeks before the opening and watch it create a buzz. With our pre-printed grand opening feather flag, we can help you do it quickly and inexpensively.

Our pre-printed flag is a perfect solution because it is pre-designed, in stock, and ready to ship. It means you do not have to spend any time designing the flag. Our full-color digital printed flag with its vibrant colors and simple GRAND OPENING message will not go unnoticed when installed at the right spot, resulting in bigger foot traffic and sales.

A grand opening feather flag is one of the most cost-effective advertising tools to announce the opening of your business. Its high-quality, durable construction, complemented with the flag fabric’s weather-resistant properties, ensure you have the right advertising solution for your business. Our pre-printed grand opening flag is designed to withstand mild to moderate ambient conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use.

You can order the pre-printed flag graphic with or without the hardware to suit your unique needs. If you do not have the flagpole, we recommend ordering the whole package, including the pre-printed grand opening feather flag, aluminum flagpole, and the base option that fits your installation needs. To add the hardware to your order, please set the ADD POLE option to YES.

Grand Opening Feather Flag Printing Options

We offer two printing choices to accommodate your needs. The single-sided feather flag is printed on one side, with 50%-60% visibility of the mirrored image on the backside. Since our pre-printed grand opening flag has big-bold readable imagery, it becomes easy to read it from the back. However, installing a single-sided flag would not earn maximum benefit when your business has approaching foot traffic from both sides.

The double-sided feather flag is essentially printed on both sides. Plus, it has a liner sewn in between the two sides so that the reflection of one image does not overlap with the print on the other side. The 2-sided flag provides maximum coverage as it communicates the message clearly from both sides and does not limit your ability to advertise.

Bulk Order Saves You Extra On Your Total Order Value

Our bulk-buy feature adds quite a difference in terms of pricing. When you order more than one flag, the per-unit price value gets progressively reduced. So, you end up saving extra on your total order value. To check out our pre-printed grab opening feather flag bulk discount to price ratios, please refer to the bulk discount quantity chart above.