SEG Light Box


Buy SEG Light Box to Illuminate Your Brand Presence with Backlit Fabric

Transform your space with the easy-to-use SEG Light Box, a cutting-edge display solution that comes with eye-catching designs and adaptability. Make your brand presence more assertive with these economic fabric lightboxes and create a lasting impression with our portable Backlit Fabric SEG Box.

Radiate Your Brand: The core of the SEG box lies in its 230 GSM Backlit Fabric. This specially engineered fabric is designed to enhance your graphics with vibrant colours and unparalleled clarity. When paired with the Backlit feature, your visuals become vibrant and captivating, making a strong and memorable impression on your audience.

Vibrant Full-Color Magic: Our Fabric SEG Lightbox offers full-colour, dye-sublimation printing, that ensures your graphics are reproduced with unparalleled precision and vibrancy. Whether it’s your company logo, promotional messages, or striking visuals, our state-of-the-art printing technology brings them to life in stunning detail.

Modern Appeal of Silicon-Edge Graphics: The SEG Fabric Lightbox is designed with Silicon-Edge Graphics (SEG) to give an aesthetic look. This innovative finishing technique gives a sleek and frameless look, giving your display a modern and professional appearance. The pictures smoothly go into the frame, making a neat and perfect display that grabs your attention.

Invest in Lasting SEG Lightbox with Durable Construction

This Fabric Lightbox is made of sturdy PVC frame, with robust metal base, and has a supporting aluminum pole making it more stable. This combination of materials ensures durability and firmly fixed legs on ground, making the SEG Box suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Invest in silicon edge fabric graphics display that lasts a long time and is committed to take good care of its visual appeal.

Versatile SEG Box Customization: This fabric lightbox is fully customisable, and you can take the leverage of tailoring the display to your specific needs. As per your requirement, get it custom-made with available printing side options both single sided and double sided. You can choose from a variety of sizes that adapt to any space area and let your creativity flow with custom graphics that reflect your unique brand identity.

Purchase Portable SEG Boxes with Effortless Assembly

Our SEG Lightboxes are user-friendly, making assembly process easy, ensuring your display is ready in no time. This makes the SEG Box an impeccable choice for a diverse array of settings, including trade shows, retail environments, events, and beyond.

Low Shipping Cost: These SEG boxes are available at a low shipping cost. If you are planning to make your purchase in bulk, do check our delivery charges for bulk orders, it is available at an impressively low cost. The orders for customised frames are also available at an affordable price. You just need to send your graphics to be printed for custom-made frames. Do not give it a second thought.

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