Single Rounded Corner Hang Tags


Key Features

  • Superior Durability: Constructed from sturdy and environmentally friendly 14 pt. cardstock
  • Choice of Finishes: Select from the vivid glossy or the elegant matte
  • Customisable Printing: Options for either one-sided or two-sided printing with flexible drill hole locations
  • Ink Affinity: Optimal for use with oil-based ink ballpoint pens or permanent markers
  • Tailored Adjustments: Customisable size and specifics to reflect your brand’s essence
  • Environmental Consideration: Produced with sustainably sourced materials

Product Overview

Set Your Brand Apart with Unique Single Rounded Corner Hang Tags

Boosting your product's display is seamless with our Single Rounded Corner Hang Tags. Made from robust 14 pt. cardstock, these tags are durable and eco-friendly, reflecting their sustainable production. Available in two elegant finishes- the vibrant, standout glossy and the discreet, sophisticated matte- each is designed to fulfil various branding demands, making our custom printed hang tags perfect for enhancing gourmet foods or fashion lines.

The 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss is distinguished by its sturdy, dense feel, indicative of superior quality. Its reflective finish heightens colour brightness, ensuring your hang tags make a bold statement. Alternatively, the 14 pt. Cardstock Matte offers a smooth, non-reflective surface, creating a refined and subtle branding choice. These tags are produced using environmentally friendly materials, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and are guaranteed to impress. They are ideally used with oil-based ink ballpoint pens or permanent markers.

At just .014 inches thick, our tags strike the perfect mix of rigidity and flexibility, ideal for custom hang tags on any merchandise. They come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Craft Your Vision: Customised Hang Tags with String

Your brand is unique, and your hang tags with string should be as well! Engage in customisation with a wide array of choices- from single to double-sided printing and selecting the drill hole's location to match your design philosophy. Whether you prefer the traditional top centre or the more modern right centre, you can shape your customised hang tags to meet your specific vision.

Moreover, selecting from various sizes ensures that every aspect of your tag aligns with your brand's identity, highlighting the importance of details, such as the recommended minimum logo border, in portraying your brand's meticulous attention to detail.

Choose Green: Responsibly Sourced Paper Tags

Pursue sustainability without trade-offs! Our printed hang tags, crafted from responsibly obtained paper, affirm your eco-friendly selection without compromising on style or quality. Whether opting for the matte or glossy finish of our personalised hang tags with one rounded corner, your choice profoundly reflects your brand’s ethos and green commitment. Our tailored delivery options, including expedited Priority Shipping for immediate needs, ensure your orders are delivered swiftly and on schedule.