Custom Placemats


Key Features

  • Top-Notch Quality: Made from premium 70 lb. paper, ensuring strength and a refined feel
  • Print-Ready Surface: Boasts an uncoated finish, ideal for both printing and handwriting, great for adverts
  • Size Variety: Three sizes available, fitting round and regular tables like a glove
  • Custom Style: Bright printing and your pick of corner designs for a custom look
  • Eco-Friendly Pick: Crafted from renewable paper, showing commitment to the environment
  • Wide Range Offer: From 100 to 5000 units, perfect for any business size or event requirement

Product Overview

Enhance Your Table Tops: Exceptional Paper Placemats for Stylish Dining

Discover the fusion of sophisticated dining and effective advertising with our premium paper placemats, designed for the Australian market. These placemats are crafted from 70 lb. paper, known for its tactile quality, and are not merely functional but also embody a commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. The uncoated surface of these placemats offers excellent writability and printability. Each placemat is made from sustainably sourced paper, mirroring your brand’s dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Available in three sizes, our placemats accommodate both round and standard tables, with a +/- 3mm variance to meet your precise specifications.

Customised Impact: Distinctive Placemats for the Food Service Industry

In the competitive food service realm, distinction is vital. With our personalised table placemats for food services, you can achieve just that. Our customisation features allow you to fine-tune every aspect to align with your brand’s story. Choose from dynamic and crisp printed placemats that instantly draw the eye, and decide between rounded or sharp corners for that extra nuance of style.

Enhance your marketing effectiveness with the option for double-sided printing, making sure every detail gets noticed. Our straightforward online interface facilitates the uploading of your designs and precise instructions, enabling us to produce placemats for round tables that truly embody your brand and its values.

Eco-Smart Dining: Sustainable Paper Placemats for Ethical Brands

Our goal surpasses the creation of vibrant and sharp print placemats for dining tables; we are dedicated to fostering a positive environmental legacy. These eco-friendly table placemats not only help in reducing carbon footprints but also elegantly support your social responsibilities.

Catering to diverse business requirements, we supply these exceptional placemats in bulk, with quantities ranging from 100 to 5000 units, ensuring ample supply for businesses of any size or event magnitude. Our custom placemats come with versatile delivery options, adjusted for budget or urgency, including direct delivery to your doorstep, ensuring you have these vital marketing assets when you need them.