School Banners

School Banners


As a teacher or student it's your responsibility to make sure that the event is a ripper, use our school vinyl banner

  • Can be easily stored and re-used year after year
  • Variety of hanging and installation options including free grommets
  • Heavy material and UV resistant ink for outdoor and indoor use
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height

You can be dead set that there will always be something happening in school! Whether it's an interschool competition or a school function, having custom school banners and signs can make it a corker of an event. As a teacher or student it's your responsibility to make sure that the event is a ripper.

How could you do that? What would the event need? How can you advertise good oil about the event? How will you barrack for the home team? How can you make sure that the event is a ripsnorter? Well, it's quite simple – “Custom School Banners”!

You don't have to spend hours blowing up balloons or decorating the wall. These will only increase your work and make cleaning up after really gnarly. We at BannerBuzz AU, propose the idea of using school vinyl banners to barrack for your team with the help of enthusiastic slogans.

If you want to make the event unique and colourful you need to use custom school banners that have attractive slogans.

You can even add pictures to make them seem more interesting. At Bannerbuzz AU, you can be dead set that you'll find the most bottler quality Sports Banners ever seen.

At BannerBuzz AU, we have a special offer on school events for our customers. Order your school banners and signs today, you might receive a gift sports banner that is 2 feet in width and is 6 feet in height and you'll get discounts on our other banners. The gifts are 100% free, so there are no hidden costs.

We're confident in our school banners and signs. That is why we have these offers obtainable for our customers who need custom school banners.

However, we do have some terms and conditions for custom school banners and signs:

Our Terms

  • Whether it's a university, college or school event, all free banners are to be used for charitable purposes.
  • You need to have a website to place our link.
  • Before requesting for your charity banner, please make sure you've placed our link on your website.
  • This offer is valid only to colleges and schools in mainland Australia.

Once you've read our terms and conditions, and are chuffed, you can contact us for your free charity banner. Delivery of the charity banner will be within 48 hours.