Straight Fabric Media Wall


Boost Your Australian Function with Our Elite Straight Pillowcase Backdrop!

Planning to add a touch of refinement to your event or trade show display down under? Presenting our premier straight pillowcase backdrop - your ideal choice for spotlighting products and setting unforgettable scenes in Australia. Distinguish yourself in the Aussie setting and garner widespread attention with our custom printed backdrop, intricately crafted from the finest materials.

Crafted from superior polyester fabric, these stands offer a graphic weight of 230 GSM, ensuring that your visuals are vibrant and captivating. The fabric’s exceptional quality not only ensures a lasting impact but also makes for a savvy investment for businesses in Australia.

With poles at a diameter of 32mm and a robust thickness of 1.4mm, these stands provide a stable and durable structure, suitable for various settings. Whether you are presenting indoors or outdoors, these stands prove to be versatile, making them an ideal selection for any exhibition or event.

Our straight pillowcase fabric display stand promises that your showcase is not only visually enticing but profoundly memorable. Utilising top-grade dye techniques, our stretch fabric backdrops radiate vibrant visuals, offering you a unique advantage over other Australian competitors.

Lightweight & User-friendly - Instantly Revamp Your Event's Atmosphere!

Relish the practicality of our airy straight pillowcase backdrops, meticulously designed for quick assembly. Reinforced with solid frames, our tension fabric display ensures unwavering steadiness alongside a sleek outlook. Specifically designed with a matte finish, our backdrops skillfully eliminate light glare. Whether setting up a photo booth in Sydney or a trade show tension fabric backdrop in Melbourne, anticipate flawless, glare-free captures.

Personalise to Impress with Our Dedicated Design Team!

Whilst we provide a broad assortment of backdrop designs suited for Australian events, for those aiming for a standout display, our expert in-house designers are eager to assist. Avail of our complimentary professional guidance and select a custom design straight pillowcase backdrop that mirrors your brand's vibe and event's essence.

Our steadfast dedication lies in enabling you to attain the pinnacle of visual magnificence, ensuring every Australian event photo booth or trade show display stands as a benchmark of excellence.