Personalized Cola Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Personalized Cola Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

  • Made of pure stainless steel material.
  • Vacuum sealed insulated double walls to maintain temperature.
  • Laser engraved imprints with stunning clarity.
  • Very durable, lightweight, leak and rust proof.

Buy Personalized Cola Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Of 750 ml

Our personalized cola stainless steel insulated water bottles with your logo makes a long-lasting gift that will keep the recipient’ drinks hot and cold for hours. They have vacuum insulated double walls to retain the drink temperature. With a combination of rust-free stainless steel and lightweight body, use our cola water bottles to enjoy a refreshing drink anywhere you go. Stay hydrated and stay healthy with our air-tight insulated water bottle of 750 ml.

Constructed with high-strength stainless steel, our cola water bottles are lightweight, leakproof and eco-friendly. It weighs approximately 349 gms when empty. Hence, they last longer, require zero maintenance, and do not leach chemicals when exposed to sun/heat. The steel body is not only corrosion-free but also resists smells and stains while keeping your drinks safe from bacterias and dust particles. Also, drinking water from our stainless steel bottle just tastes better.

Our personalized cola stainless steel insulated water bottle keeps your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for at least 12-18 hours. This bottle is designed to be vacuum sealed and therefore, helps keep its liquid content at a constant temperature. The insulated double walls create a barrier to prevent heat transfer. This makes it less likely for conduction and convection to take place.

With a liquid carrying capacity of 750 ml, our personalized cola stainless steel insulated water bottle is large enough to meet your daily water consumption needs. You can refill it with cold water or juice anytime to keep your body fluids regulated. The compact size of 7 x 7 x 28.5 cm provides a smooth hand grip and also easy to tuck in your backpack or waist belt.

Personalized Insulated Water Bottle With Laser Engraved Prints

Customize your order to feature your brand logo or other promotional design on our white color bottle. We have options to fit any niche from stylish patterns to custom imprints. With a clear white printing space of 1 inch × 5 inch at the center, you can choose to print catchy, colorful images and logos to suit your branding needs or personal use.

To take full advantage of our personalized water bottle, you can send us your artwork and designs to create the look you want. You can have a carved-out effect on your water bottle with stunning clarity and vibrant color effects. With the flexibility to add custom imprints, they make a perfect giveaway gift for trade shows, exhibitions and retail sales.

Place Bulk Orders At Competitive Prices To Suit Your Needs

We strive to offer the best prices for personalized cola stainless steel insulated water bottles. Our competitive pricing allows you to place bulk orders with ease and without draining out your budget. You can even save more on shipping costs as we provide free shipping on all orders.