SEG Desktop Dividers - 2 Desk

SEG Desktop Dividers - 2 Desk


Desktop Dividers for Effective Safety & Precautions at Workplace:

  • Frame Material: Aluminium Frame with Attachments
  • Fabric Material: Polyester Fabric 340 GSM
  • Custom sizes available
  • Bulk quantity discounts
  • Please note that desks are not included in our desk partition orders.

Bring Utmost Precautions against COVID-19 & Other Airborne infections with SEG Desktop Dividers 

SEG Desktop Dividers are one of the durable, portable yet quality-driven modular displays for offices so that the maximum precaution can be maintained among employees. As SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics, these desktop dividers comprise the SEG material to provide you quick installation with long-lasting usage. Moreover, the aluminum frames are available with attachments and polyester fabric that altogether turns the durability and quality aspects of this product even stronger. These desktop dividers and other modular displays are available in custom sizes i.e., already designed to fit in your requirements perfectly, and therefore offer you the leverage to add them directly to the shopping cart and that too in bulk. So, without ado, bring perfect and effective solutions at your workplace to facilitate your employees with sheer safety and prevention against the deadly COVID-19 spread or even other airborne diseases.