Matte Banners

Matte Banners


Attract passers-by to the information the banners bears.

  • Available in 16 Oz weight options
  • Free hem, pockets and grommet options
  • High strength for long laying outdoor and indoor use
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height

For bright settings, matte vinyl banners are ideal. They bring a soft, flat and soothing appearance to the custom banners for business. When matte vinyl banners created by BannerBuzz are placed outdoors they are glare-free and easy to read without straining one's eyes. Besides, their colors stand out making them look even more attractive.

This attracts passers-by to the information the banners bears.

At BannerBuzz, we ensure that our clients receive 100% value for their money. We give our clients warrantee periods to ensure their satisfaction with the high quality work we do. In addition, you can ask for assistance from our custom design team to improve your matte vinyl banners. We also offer FREE SHIPPING for our customers in a number of countries.

Mid-weight Matte Banner

The mid-weight Matte banner is a laminated vinyl bright white, glare-free banner. The material is flexible, water proof, tear resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, leaving them outdoor indefinitely is not a good idea. If you want to preserve the matte vinyl banners you will have to be a little careful with exposure to harsh weather elements.

These custom banners for business are generally very durable and affordable. Moreover, the material these custom banners for business are made from is specifically designed for UVC inkjet. We can design the posters with high quality image printing, with enhances color quality. The vinyl contained in it ensures that the custom banners for business remain protected from UV and extreme high temperature. They can even survive for 3-5 years with constant exposure to sunlight. The flexibility of the material makes it suitable for eyelets and welding to help users fix them up easily.

Colorful Vinyl Matte Banners

For convenience we have provided our customers with the option to print outdoor Vinyl Banners from their own PC. Alternatively, our experienced and talented team can work with our clients to help design banners of their choice. We can print custom banners for business that are 8 foot wide and 40 feet long.

Moreover, we also have uncoated vinyl banner material that is more cost effective and affordable. Alternatively, our experienced and talented team can work with our clients to help design the Custom banners for business of their choice. These options are less expensive as compared to other option we have. This is because the uncoated vinyl material is much cheaper than other materials.

Event Matte Banners

These matte vinyl banners are designed to attract customer attention. They are effective marketing tools which bear short marketing slogans and messages. People can read the information easily as they pass by.

With our turnaround time of 48-72 hours after dispatch of order, we ensure customers get their matte vinyl banners as soon as possible. In addition, we deliver at your doorsteps because you are important to us.