Round Fitted Table Covers

Round Fitted Table Covers


Brighten your next event with barrel-like round table cover

  • Available in two different sizes
  • Wrinkle free & anti fading polyester fabric
  • Choose from a full spectrum of colors

Gear up your marketing campaigns with the best Round fitted table covers in Australia

When it comes to promoting your brand at important events, it is significant to pay attention to detail as the marketing tools you use for advertising your brand can have an impact on the leads your business generates at the event.

Marketing supplies have been used for over centuries for indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns as these can play a vital role in helping your brand improve visibility, awareness, and customer loyalty. Corporate events and trade shows have always been viewed as an incredible opportunity to showcase your brand in the best light.

Attract Customers to your Business and Improve your ROI

Showcasing your business at corporate events is a great way of attracting the attention of your target audience without putting in great deal of effort. Whether you're about to launch a brand new product, improve your brand appeal, brand image or customer loyalty, table covers can serve as a great promotional tool for marketing your brand at all important events.

Fitted table covers are one of our best selling varieties as these covers offer a sleek, neat and polished look to your display table because of their superior finish. Due to their innovativeness and simplicity, fitted table covers are growing in popularity for strengthening marketing campaigns.

The major differences between a fitted table cover and a draped table cover is that fitted table covers fit your table like a glove; from all four corners. Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, you can pick from our range of table covers to find a cover that matches your unique needs.

Make your Brand Stand out? Get Custom Round Fitted table covers

Because of their attractiveness and functionality, our fitted table covers can add a little character to your display table and turn your prospects into loyal customers. Whether it is about improving your brand loyalty, brand awareness or brand visibility, fitted table covers can help your business achieve its marketing goals and objectives. At BannerBuzz, we offer two varieties of fitted table covers:

  • 3-sided fitted table covers

With our 3-sided fitted table covers, you can make an impact on your audience with minimum effort. As the name implies, our 3-sided fitted table cover drapes your table from three sides leaving the fourth side uncovered to allow easy access to things stored underneath your table.

  • 4-sided fitted table covers

The 4-sided variety covers your table from all four sides from the table top to the floor. With the pieces sewn together, you do not need to use additional pins, clips or hooks to keep your cover in place.

Select from our range of Round fitted table covers from BannerBuzz

Our team of experienced professional strives to make sure you get the best finish and quality you have been looking for in your fitted table covers. We offer you a diverse variety of table covers available at affordable prices to suit your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our fitted table covers. We'd love to hear from you!