Magnetic Stickers


Magnetic Stickers are Durable, High-Quality, and Customisable

Advertising is essential to promote any business, whether you're just getting started or you're well-established. Owners and managers seek out methods that are efficient as well as effective. Car magnetic stickers make brand names and contact information highly visible and expose it to large numbers of people. Anyone sharing the road with your vehicle might see the stickers and become your next customer.

Magnetic sheeting is both flexible and durable, allowing the bumper stickers to handle weather and road conditions while conforming to the shape of your vehicle. Each flexible magnetic sheet is 800 microns thick with a graphic weight of 2570 GSM and will last between six and 12 months.

Printing in 600 DPI creates bold text and bright colours that stand out to other drivers. Full-colour UV printing optimises visibility in daylight, ensuring that these car magnetic stickers draw the eye. Clear lettering is legible whether your vehicle is on the move or stopped at a light.

Create custom stickers that advertise your unique style and brand. Browse and customise from many available templates, upload your creation, use the online tool, or hire a designer. Choose the right size to fit your car, van, or truck and display the stickers for optimal effect.

Bumper Stickers are Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install

Applying the car magnetic stickers is a simple process that requires no additional adhesive. The material sticks to clean metal surfaces, allowing for placement on a door or a hatch in just seconds. Removing the stickers won't leave scratches behind, protecting your car's finish.

We craft these custom stickers with an eco-friendly printing process, offering a socially responsible choice to promote your business. The printing releases no solvents into the air, creating colour without compromising air quality, which may bolster your brand image to customers.

Magnetic Stickers are Available in Bulk

Order our bumper stickers in bulk to place advertisements on your fleet and further extend your customer reach. You can plan ahead and get stickers of different designs to switch to as time passes. BannerBuzz offers a business-friendly discount on large orders.

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