Pre-Printed Car Wash Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Car Wash Feather Flag

  • Graphic Only: Includes a high-quality flag with pre-printed CARWASH messaging.
  • Hardware Only: Includes an easy-to-install sturdy metal pole (with base options).
  • You can order the graphic and flagpole separately or together to suit your needs.
  • Choice of four size dimensions and single/double-sided printing is available.

Ready-To-Use Car Wash Feather Flag With Pre-Printed Messaging

Of all kinds of business signages, outdoor flags are a great mode of advertising for a variety of businesses. When we talk about advertising flags, the compelling shape of feather flags makes them attractive to all demographics. Considering this, we have designed these pre-printed car wash feather flags to help bring enhanced visibility to your car wash business.

Our attention-grabbing pre-printed car wash flag is a fantastic, cost-effective way of reaching out to potential customers. Pre-printed on a high-quality 90 GSM flag fabric, it is crafted to withstand varying ambient conditions. With a huge percentage of people looking for a car wash service in the USA, your business must grab their attention. Our feather flag with its dynamic visual appeal will not go unnoticed and effectively bring attention to your business.

We offer both single and double-sided printing of our pre-printed car wash flag to accommodate your advertising needs. The single-sided pre-printed flag showcases the mirrored image of the message on the other side with 50-60% visibility. For businesses that receive traffic from more than one direction, installing a 2-sided flag is recommended to spread your message far and wide.

The taut fabric of our feather flag design is another reason that makes it one of the best signage choices for your business. It will keep promoting your carwash business even when your area is experiencing windy conditions. With your message being visible to passersby at all times, the chances of losing out on prospective customers decrease exponentially.

Add Versatile & Adaptable Hardware to Your Carwash Flag Graphic

You can order our carwash flag graphic with sturdy hardware, which is a carbon composite fiberglass pole. The pole comes with a pocket on the left side, which allows you to slide the flag graphic to attach it to the pole. To add the pole and base to your order, please change the Add Pole option to Yes.

The pole comes with different base options to suit your specific installation needs. The two base options available are cross base and spike base. The cross base can be ordered along with a water bag as well. It is a water-filled bag used to add extra weight to the cross base for added stability.

Ease of Assembling

Our car wash feather flag is extremely convenient and easy to install. You would not need any additional tool or an extra hand to install your flag. Our durable flagpole will securely keep the feather flag in place. The spike base is more like a ground stake that goes directly into the ground. The cross base includes secure, durable cross pieces that support and hold the flagpole in place. Please check out the product specifications tab to understand all the graphic and hardware details of our pre-printed car wash flag graphic & hardware.