Backlit Film


Backlit films create a captivating and stimulating impact on the viewers, and they are now recognized as the medium of choice especially for light boxes and even other applications.

BannerBuzz now offers exceptional resolution translucent film printing through an unparalleled process, which produces films of remarkable quality for things that deserve illumination.

Make a lasting impression on your target audience with simply stunning backlit posters!

With our translucent film printing, your prints last longer than all the other alternatives in the market. Our process is incredibly unique and ensures exceptional quality.

Backlit prints can be useful for window presentations, movie posters, theatre boxes, bus stop ads, photos, and many other forms of visual displays. Backlit films can look almost mesmerising during the night, and our displays are also specifically tailored to catch attention during the day as well. Thus, not only can you use them for night time, lit applications; they can also be very useful for day time unlit applications.

If really want to grab the attention of the public for your business, there is no better way than backlit posters with our translucent film printing. Backlit posters not only allow you to represent ideas in attractive colours, they make your ad stand out!

Our speciality lies in the brilliant backlit posters we can produce, which are completely aligned with the requirements of our customers. Another advantage that customers get when they utilize our services is the phenomenal turnaround time. This makes us particularly suitable for last minute high priority projects.

Our experience in the industry has shaped our expertise to the extent that we can accommodate all type of prints from store displays, event banners, family portraits, and even building displays.

BannerBuzz has established such loyal customers over the years, with one simple rule; understanding the requirements of the client and committing to the job to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We strive to make the entire process easy for our customers by making the ordering process extremely convenient. All you have to do is upload your pictures, ideas, or artwork and explain your specifications. We're incredibly fast at our work and we offer some of the best prices in the industry.

That is perhaps our strongest edge over our competitors. We offer a combination of price and quality that is unmatched anywhere in the industry. Our state of the art equipment can capture such detail whether it's backlit film printing or outdoor backlit film, and we can consequently produce displays that make everyone stop and stare.

Some of the benefits of working with us include free shipping over $99, a complete guarantee of reshipment and returns if there is a mistake in your order, and guaranteed lowest prices! Plus, we don't mind going out of the way for our customers and ensuring that they get the results they expect. We understand that it might be difficult for customers to sometimes know exactly the type of prints they want and often times the type of files we receive don't have the right resolutions.

Therefore, we also offer free setup, file checking, and sometimes even file recreation for your backlit posters and other translucent film printing items. The primary priority of BannerBuzz is to ensure that the customers get what they want, and that in turn ensures our success.

Order your translucent film printing online today and receive your order in some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry!