Breakaway Banners

Breakaway Banners


Show your love for a sport or promote your team/business at a sporting event with BannerBuzz Breakaway Sports Banners.


  • Premium quality 9 Oz Vinyl material
  • Can be customized and personalized
  • Sharp colors, tear and weather resistant
  • Includes Velcro for breakdown option

At BannerBuzz, we feel your love for your favorite sport/game. Tense, dramatic, or thrilling? No matter how you want to show your love towards your favorite sport, get ready to show it through a creative breakaway banner. We take our banner printing as seriously as you take your sport. So, at BannerBuzz, expect nothing but a fantastic breakaway banner that depicts your mad love towards a sport.

Let your Banner Do the Talking!

Preparing a grand entrance of your sports team at an event to creating promotional signage for your sports business a breakdown banner can do it all for you. With BannerBuzz creative banners, you can set the mood and add high energy to any sporting event. These banners are made to withstand many internal and external elements including force, winds, rain, or more. Getting one of these highly durable and versatile breakaway banners is the best thing to grab before an upcoming sports event.

BannerBuzz designs and prints high-quality 9 Oz Vinyl banners that are entirely customizable. So, you can choose your size, shape, and colors. Personalize by adding your business logo/brand/message to it and create a breakaway banner that exudes your passion for a sport. You can find pre-designed custom templates for various sports including AFL, soccer, basketball, and more. All these sporting templates can be customized and personalized according to your personal preference.

Go for It with Unmatched Gusto by Incorporating Breakaway Banner Feature

If you are making an appearance at any sports event without much gusto, you are bound to lose half the crowd even before the game begins. So, make an appearance that cannot be matched by your competitors. And ‘breakaway banner feature’ helps you achieve that spot-on. This feature allows the banner to break away from the middle to let your team make a heroic entry. To tear the banner from the middle, a Velcro mechanism, with a hook and loop, is used. It ensures that you achieve that winning moment even before the game has begun.

Just a Few Clicks to Place your Quick Order

Order your breakaway banner at in a few quick steps. Choose a custom size. Enter the quantity. For understanding and picking your preferred installation options, please check the product specifications tab. Select a pre-designed template or upload your own design, and you are done. Once you have placed your order, we make sure to deliver this tear and weather-resistant banner as quickly as possible to your doorsteps. Happy ordering!