10 Ft Exhibit Media Wall H1


The Premier 10 ft Exhibit Backdrop for Aussie Trade Stands and Unforgettable Gatherings

Amid the lively atmosphere of an Aussie trade show or a jam-packed event, it's all too easy for your brand to merge into the scene. However, with our 10 ft custom printed exhibit backdrop, reinforced with a robust 32mm diameter pole and a substantial 1.4mm thickness. You won't merely be one of the many - you'll shine brightest! Tailored to captivate and resonate, this trade show backdrop assures your brand rises majestically over the rest.

At BannerBuzz, we reckon that every booth display should radiate the vibrant and spirited essence Australia is known for. Our 10 ft display is a testament to that conviction. Spanning a size of 10 ft by 5 ft, this event backdrop promises that your brand's message won't just garner attention - it'll linger in memories.

On the hunt for a mobile exhibit? You got it. A bespoke 10 ft conference backdrop? Of course! Whether your eyes are set on graphics, hardware, or perhaps both, we're right here for you. Customise your 10 ft pop-up booth exhibit display to align with your distinct preferences.

Our backdrops are a fusion of elite-grade materials and pin-sharp digital printing, boosting your brand's character and enticing charm. This isn't merely another exhibit for the trade fair; it's transformative. With its commanding presence, it doesn't just lure attendees -it mesmerises them.

Showcase True Aussie Flair with Our 10 ft Custom Printed Exhibit Backdrop

Dive into the world of impeccable digital craftsmanship with our 10 ft display. Moulded by maestros adept in digital printing and the dye-sublimation technique, our trade show backdrop parades graphics that are spot-on and fulfil design benchmarks flawlessly. Employing 230 GSM polyester fabric ensures each backdrop we produce gleams with vibrancy, is a breeze to interpret, and exhibits a lucid print, promising peak visibility. This isn't just another backdrop; it's your brand's golden chance to etch a lasting impression.

Sturdy Hardware for a Breeze-like 10 ft Exhibit Backdrop Assembly

Wave goodbye to daunting setups with our nimble and featherweight 10 ft display backdrop. Furnished with durable bases, drape supports, and uprights, our pop-up booth exhibit display is built for resilience and longevity. Forged from robust materials, these components affirm your trade stand remains elevated and grand. Paired with the comprehensive guide included, setting up and packing down your trade show piece will be a cinch!

Seeking superb value without cutting corners on quality? Take advantage of our bulk order concessions for significant acquisitions. Our tailored backdrop isn't only conceptualised to turn heads; it's also more wallet-friendly, ensuring you reap top value for your spend.