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10 ft Exhibit Media Wall H1
  • 10 ft Exhibit Media Wall H1
  • 10 ft Exhibit Media Wall H1

10 ft Exhibit Media Wall H1


Unique way to promote your brand on stretch fabric.

  • Stretch Fabric Graphics Cover
  • Dye-Sublimation Custom Printing ? Double Sided
  • Carry Bag Included

Our 10 ft Exhibition Backdrop includes the following features:

  • Customizable banners for an added appeal.
  • High quality stretchable fabric for a seamless display.
  • Hardware options for easy installation.

The Perfect Display for Your Tradeshow Booth!

If you are looking to get attention from customers in a tradeshow, our 10 ft exhibition backdrop is the perfect choice. These curved trade show backdrops look massive and can cover your entire booth. And if you have a specific size and dimensions in mind, we can create a customized exhibit backdrop as well.

Our high quality fabric displays ensure that your brand is looking appealing and is able to capture audiences' attention in tradeshows and networking events.

Hardware that Makes Setting-Up Your Backdrop a Breeze!

Our curved trade show backdrops come with a complete set of hardware including bases, drape support, and uprights. These tools make installation of the backdrop hassle free and convenient, giving you a chance to set-up your booth in no time. Our freestanding backdrops are great for sending promotional messages to your customers or to simply promote your brand in the best light.

Customizable Backdrops for that Added Oomph

Want your curved trade show backdrop to standout and can give your competitors a run for their money? You can have your selected graphics printed on the backdrop trade show wall. Choose your desired finishing, change the size, and add a targeted message for bigger impact.

Our premium exhibition backdrops are printed using cutting-edge printing technology to ensure that your message is looking extraordinary and able to draw attention.

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