We are Closed due to Covid-19 Yard Signs (Non reflective)


Pre-Designed Yard Signs for Vital Business Announcements

Staying connected to your audience is as important as it is running your business or taking it to better heights. Timely updating your customers or interacting with them is one of the essential phases that could lead the brand image to enhanced levels of reputation and goodwill. Now be it display tools, regular e-mails, or broadcast media, every business needs to show or prove their presence among clients, existing & prospective customers, sponsors, and so on.

Yard Signs to Communicate Your Open or Closed Business Operations

Our one of the display solutions i.e., yard signs prove to be impeccable for performing various business functions as they have been made available with different pre-printed content to meet your display requirements. Circulating the message about the temporary closure of your corporate office, commercial units, or other stores can feasibly be performed through yard signs. Considering the requirements of the present scenario, our yard signs are available with specified graphics to inform your customers and visitors about the business operations being temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Moreover, other pre-designed graphics are available to ease your stress on the personalization of the designs or artwork online. Pre-printed artwork doesn’t call for custom or personalized modifications as the product has gone through all designing and finishing tasks and thus is readily available to serve your purpose. 

Yard signs with printed graphics - We Are Closed Due to COVID-19 appear to be highly visible even from a distance if located in an open area, yard, or garden. The clear and bold imprints tell the visitors about the business operations being closed for some time so that they could get back to you only when you return to work or once things are back to normal. This is the time to be at utmost safety and prevention against the COVID-19 pandemic by practicing basic yet vital safety measures like closing the business for some time, operating online & facilitating customers with delivery services at the same time when the store is closed, amending working hours for a short period, and many more ways are there that prove to be effective in reducing the visitors to your store or office, and thus the infectious spread could be controlled to much extent. You can buy the yard signs in bulk and various sizes with these specified printed messages so that your business needs could be met effectively. Two galvanized steel bars, UV prints, finest printing techniques, two-sided graphics, and a lot of other key features make this purchase a highly-durable and quality-driven one.