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Stay at Home Window Clings

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Stay at Home Order Online Window Clings
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Stay at Home Stay Healthy Window Clings
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Stay Home Save Lives Window Clings
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Stay Home For Us Stop the Spread Window Clings
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Stay at Home Window Clings, COVID-19 Signages with Extremely Communicative Preventive Messages

Highly-effective and useful are the Window Clings for this crucial time. We need to bank upon some of the highly interactive and eye-catching display materials to timely communicate with the customers, clients, and even the passers-by on the preventive measures to be taken against the COVID-19 fight. Inform and guide your customers, visitors, and other people approaching your stores, offices, or other commercial setups about the working time if permitted by the government or aware of them to stay at home with the help of highly designed window clings

At Bannerbuzz, you will find a variety of window clings specifically designed with different messages or precautionary measures to fight the novel Coronavirus. Tell your clients, customers, and everyone around about the essentiality of staying at home and aiding everyone by stopping the infection thread. This pandemic can only be stopped when we will be adhering to the highly recommended safety guidelines and precautionary measures being prescribed by the WHO, government, and other vital health organizations. Let’s not ignore this serious situation and try to implement the basic yet vital guidelines like:

  • Staying at Home
  • Maintaining a 6-feet distance while present at any grocery or essential good store
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Stay at home Order Online
  • Wear masks & gloves before stepping out of the house
  • Stop the thread by staying at home
  • Don’t move out unless very essential
  • Stay at home Stay Healthy
  • Stay Home Save Lives,

And many more important ways are there to adhere if we are seeking the same bright future as it was before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Pre-printed designs, Top-quality materials for long-lasting Stay at Home Signs, COVID-19 Window Clings

As the above-mentioned guidelines, you can order the required and respective window clings to be displayed on the glass storefronts and windows of your grocery stores, hospitals, stores offering essential services, and other commercial units so that no one goes uninformed on the vital safety guidelines to be followed. They come with a feasible and high-quality pre-glued application that ensures long-lasting stay without peeling out from corners. These Stay at Home Signs or COVID-19 window clings are available with pre-printed graphics yet custom sizes to offer you much ease in the selection of the required sized window clings. They come with the squeegee application technique for error-free and quick application on a clean glass or fiber surface. Finest quality 720 DPI eco-solvent and UV protected printing give much assurance on UV protection and no color fading too. Therefore, trusting these highly performable window clings would be the best decision to go for if you are seeking some of the quality-driven and long-lasting adhesive display materials that could work effectively on keeping your visitors, customers, and passers-by updated with the requisite precautions and safety measures to be followed to live safely, peacefully, and hygienically and fighting back the deadly COVID-19 attack. Contact Bannerbuzz now to buy the Stay at Home Window Clings on bulk quantity discounts and get timely yet safe delivery at your doorstep.