Shelter in Place Stay at Home Stop the Spread Window Clings


Non-Adhesive Window Clings are Durable, High-Quality, and Customisable

In certain areas, public health events necessitate taking safety measures that require businesses to temporarily close and citizens to shelter in place. Your business is also compelled by law to follow these practices, keeping your doors closed until further notice. Stay at home signs are a quick way to communicate your closure to customers and also to encourage them to adhere to the same safety protocols. This will ideally bring the public health event to an end sooner, allowing a resumption of normal activities.

Non-adhesive window clings are made from static PVC material that securely sticks to glass for a long-lasting display. Resistant to abrasion and moisture, the clings are suitable for outdoor display and won't warp, crack, or corrode due to weather exposure.

High-quality, 600 DPI resolution printing delivers vinyl window clings with crisp and legible text in bold, brightly coloured letters that are easy to read. The graphics are also light-fast to prevent fading due to sun exposure, keeping the messaging visible and effective for extended periods.

Customise the size of the opaque window clings by choosing your own measurements or selecting one of the other available size options. This allows you to choose an optimal fit for the customer-facing windows of your building.

Stop the Spread Signs are Easy to Order and Ready to Use

The vinyl window clings bear a printed message letting customers know of the closure and encourages them to stay at home under local regulations. There's no requirement for additional text selection or graphic design, meaning the signs are ready to ship out upon being ordered.

Opaque window clings are delivered as soon as possible with multiple convenient delivery options, allowing you to adhere to regulations quickly. Receive everything you need to prepare your business and keep it safe in a timely fashion using rapid doorstep delivery.

Order Stay at Home Signs in Bulk for a Discount

Ordering 'stop the spread' signs in bulk not only provides the supplies you need to manage multiple locations but also earns a discount based on the order quantity. This helps you stay within your budget, an especially important consideration during temporary closure periods.

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