Sneeze Guard for Office

Sneeze Guard for Office


A protective barrier for your office desks and reception. 

  • Choice of 3 different sizes
  • Made using high-quality clear cast acrylic material
  • Features rounded corners and glossy finish
  • Includes no graphics or print

Sneeze Guard for Office- Keep Your Office Staff Safe With Protective Desk Guards

Every office is currently either getting ready to reopen or is already back to work. Staff and employees’ safety is one of the prerequisites for every office. Our ‘sneeze guard for office’ might just be the ideal safety tool for your office desks and reception area. These clear acrylic sneeze shields ensure your staff’s safety by creating an effective barrier that can contain the viruses, yet allows visibility and boasts clear communication. To make your workspace even more secure, you can distribute face masks and install social distancing signs throughout your office space to reinforce the idea of safe distancing.

Make face to face interactions, sales, consultation, transfer of information, and meetings safer with this sneeze guard for office. Its proven efficiency has led many offices and businesses to adopt this as COVID-19 protective equipment. Its simple design, straightforward set-up, and easy maintenance can help you cut down the risk of several airborne diseases wherever installed. This guard is designed to be used at office desks particularly. But if you are looking for a similar protective shield for your restaurant, billing counters, pharmacy, store counters, etc.- go for the countertop sneeze guards and hanging sneeze shields

High tensile strength & tear-resistant sneeze guards for office

BannerBuzz sneeze guards are quality-driven, featuring 5mm thick cast acrylic material, the high tensile strength of 760 kg/cm2, and tear resistance of >=1016 Ohm. These features make them highly durable and long-lasting safety tools. The choice of three different sizes makes it easier for you to select an ideal shield as per your desk & table size needs. 

This sneeze guard for office includes 3 clear acrylic panels- 1 front panel and 2 side panels. The panels are ready-to-use and just need to be fixed into one another. Once done, place these guards on your office desks and create a protective barrier in minutes. These protective guards are a perfect solution for working amidst the current COVID-19 situation. Also, they will work for you round the year by protecting your employees against various seasonal viruses. Ready to place your order? Let’s get you started!