Sneeze Guard for Desk

Sneeze Guard for Desk


Create a physical barrier at work desks to cut down the spread of aerosol viruses.

  • Choice of 3 different size dimensions
  • 1 front and 2 side panels made of durable cast acrylic material (clear)
  • Features rounded corners
  • Includes no graphics or print

Sneeze Guard For Desk- Keep Your Work Desks and People Sitting Behind Those Desks Safe

Create a physical barrier at corporate desks, reception desks, or any other counter with a clear acrylic ‘sneeze guard for desk’. This physical barrier will help reduce the transmission of aerosol germs. A lot many businesses, food establishments, and convenience stores have already adopted these sneeze guard shields in the form of hanging sneeze guards and countertop sneeze guards. This particular desk guard is an ideal safety tool designed for desks. So, if your office, facility, or school, etc. is looking for an effective yet budgeted COVID-19 safety tool to protect your work desks and people sitting behind those desks. Then, we reckon this might be the ideal thing to order.

Ready to install Sneeze Guard For Desk with 3 Clear Acrylic Panels

This clear acrylic guard is a ready-to-use solution for your desks. As we do not offer any print or customization on these sneeze barriers, all you have to do is pick a preferred size, add the quantity and place your order. We will deliver it to your doorstep as fast as possible to make your workspace well-equipped to welcome your employees, customers, or students back. The installation of this sneeze and cough barrier needs no professional assistance or additional tools. The 3 clear acrylic panels just need to be fixed into one another and you will have it ready in seconds. This durable and sturdy ‘sneeze guard for desk’ will sit beautifully on your desk. The clear cast acrylic guard material allows clear visibility, making it easy for two people to interact with each other while creating a perfect physical barrier between them. Hence, making it a great social distancing tool as well.

Get back to work with this efficient, long-lasting, durable yet budgeted sneeze shield and make your workspace a safe place for your employees, staff, students, or visitors. For any further queries, please reach out to us via phone or email.