Silverstep Tabletop 24'' Retractable Banner Stand


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The Silverstep Tabletop 24'' Retractable Banner Stand – a versatile companion designed for professionals who are always on the move. Crafted with meticulous attention, this featherweight banner stand is the epitome of ease and impact. It comprises a collapsible aluminium pole and an all-in-one unit, complete with a vibrant printed banner that commands attention at tradeshows, exhibitions, and more. The base, made from Anodized Aluminium, guarantees stability, while the PP (Polypropylene) material banner, boasting full-color, high-definition UV printing, ensures striking visuals. With adaptable spring tension and alignment, this stand effortlessly conforms to your needs. Weighing a mere 12 lbs and accompanied by a robust carry bag, it's your agile, dynamic brand envoy.

Premium Material: Crafted with anodized aluminum, this stand is not just stylish but built to last. Its foldable aluminum pole makes setup a breeze, and you'll appreciate the 12 lb weight for easy transport. The adjustable spring tension ensures a sturdy display.

Custom Graphics: Your message deserves to shine. The 600DPI UV printing on 280 GSM PP material ensures your graphics are sharp, vibrant, and attention-grabbing. You can confidently stand out among the competition, leaving an impression.

Versatile Height Adjustment: This banner stand boasts a foldable aluminum pole and offers four predefined sizes with adaptable height settings. Whether you're setting up at a trade show booth or a conference, this stand seamlessly adjusts to your space requirements. Its height adjustability sets it apart, providing unparalleled flexibility that exceeds the capabilities of other banner stands in the market.

Easy Care: Maintenance is a breeze. To keep your banner looking its best, simply wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth – no cleaning solutions needed. Your focus can stay on your marketing strategy, not on tedious upkeep.

Convenient Portability: With its lightweight design and carry bag, this stand is the perfect companion for on-the-go marketing. Set up shop wherever your audience is. Don't be tied down – take your brand on the road with a portable banner stand.

Perfect for Trade Shows: Trade shows demand versatility. This retractable banner stand is the ideal choice, offering easy setup and stunning graphics that will draw visitors to your booth. Make a memorable impression and leave a mark on potential clients.

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Care Instructions: Maintaining your banner stand is hassle-free. No need for special cleaning solutions – a soft, damp cloth will do the trick. Spend your time on what matters most: showcasing your brand.

How to Use: Setting up your banner stand is too easy – no complex instructions. Just extend the banner, secure it with the adjustable spring tension, and you're ready to showcase your brand. Effortless setup means more time for engaging with your audience.

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