School Desk Sneeze Guard

School Desk Sneeze Guard


Safeguard the present for a better future with vital safety supplies.

  • 5550 GSM Clear cast acrylic paneled sneeze guards
  • Varied sizes available for different spaces
  • Sneeze guards protect students from the front, left, and right direction
  • Panels hold Glossy finish; rounded corners - Bonus aspect for aesthetic looks and safe usage

School Desk Sneeze Guards for Safer & Improved Education System

Rely on quality school desk sneeze guards to ensure parents on their children’s safety. A better future can only be developed and strengthened when we have quality-driven infrastructure and amenities to secure the health of every child coming to the school. Therefore, it is advisable to install durable sneeze guards in every classroom to provide a protected and safe environment for students. Designed out of robust quality 5550 GSM cast acrylic, the panels are safe to fix to students’ learning tables.

How Sneeze Guards Are Effective?

  • Screen shields act as a barrier between the kids or students by blocking the passage for bacterial and viral contagions to travel further.
  • Panels at the front, left, and right side of each student assures round-the-clock protection against germs that may spread through interacting with fellow students.
  • Or even they work as a shield against air driblets that travel through sneezing, coughing, or touching.
  • Montessori kids and students are sensitive yet growing and, therefore, require timely prevention against viral infections, especially the COVID-19.
  • We have got every possible product to provide you with the required protection in this pandemic time.

Put your faith in our safety-driven products and other modular displays, and you will not be disappointed in any aspect. Quality, performance, affordability is guaranteed followed by other efficient features. We look forward to serving you.