Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)

Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)


Separation Barriers to bringing in prevention at restaurants and other facilities:

  • Cast acrylic panels for durable usage and long-term prevention from infections
  • Desk divider is suitable for a table for four
  • Aesthetically appealing see-through panels with a glossy finish
  • Transparent cast acrylic table top dividers offer a clear view to the customers

Manage a Safe Dining Experience with Restaurant Table Top Sneeze Guards

These tabletop sneeze guards or desk dividers protect the customers from viruses without impeding social interaction with their friends or guests invited for lunch or dinner. High-quality clear cast acrylic panels provide the utmost clarity to the customers while sitting and enjoying their food. Along with clear visibility, these desk dividers for restaurants offer an enhanced level of protection from the viruses released from sneezing, coughing, communicating, and other social actions.

Sturdy Material with Perfect Finish to Meet Your Specs

They are designed in a way to be easily fixed to the serving tables. The panels of sneeze guards are given half-cut in the center from top and bottom for intersection, and, therefore, it becomes feasible for the restaurant owner to install sneeze guards accurately to the tables. Not just restaurants but coffee bars, ice cream parlors, and other public spaces are advised to install preventive separation barriers to protect customers.

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Seeking safety for both staff and customers, you can opt-in hanging or countertop sneeze guards at the help desks and billing counters, where frequent interaction takes place. Countertop sneeze guards are constructed from clear acrylic panels with cut-out at the bottom for easy exchange of currency, cards, goods, and more. They come with easy-to-setup features and require the least time to assemble and display the product.

Furthermore, amend your commercial space with better safety and precautions by installing our durable range of preventive amenities. Buy custom face masks to be distributed to staff and visitors for enhanced prevention from airborne diseases. Sanitizer dispenser floor stands, social distancing no gathering outdoor floor mats, social distancing flyers, pull up screen shields, and many more display products are available to turn up the preventive levels against the viruses.

Shop our range of tabletop sneeze guards for four people, hanging sneeze guards, and other safety supplies that are easy and quick to be displayed for various commercial setups. Contact us for bulk quantity requirements. We are known for the fastest turn-around time for both small and large orders.