Reception Desk Sneeze Guard

Reception Desk Sneeze Guard


Protect the Reception Desk with Robust Sneeze Guards:

  • Three clear cast acrylic panels included
  • Rounded corners and glossy finish add safety and elegance
  • Prevents infection from bacterial and viral infections
  • Prevents infections through air droplets

Ensure safety for employees and customers with Reception Desk Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards are made of clear cast acrylic and come in three different panels to protect your office reception desk. Robust yet portable panels are easy-to-fix and setup without any tool support. See-through panels allow the utmost visibility for viewing across the reception and also aids in maintaining the social distance among communicators. Plexiglass or cast acrylic sneeze guard lets you protect the workspaces from the air droplets being released through someone’s sneezing, coughing, or talking. The sturdy panels are capable enough to act as a barrier between the individuals at the counter or reception desk by vanishing the germs to reach either side of the sneeze guard.

High-quality and lasting materials for every workspace

With its three individual panels, it becomes easy to fix and install the panels to each other and finally to the desk. Reception desk sneeze guards are designed in a way to safeguard the front desk employee from all the three sides – left, right, and front. And are, therefore, perfect to be installed on individual tables. The dreary COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes towards the essentialities to amend workspaces in a way to practice social distance and, in this case, sneeze guards or floor standing sneeze guards would work wonders for your organization.

These sneeze guards are available in three different sizes so that they could meet the varied space requirements at your reception or corporate office effectively. Add them in bulk to your cart to provide every individual work desk or multiple reception desks with assured prevention from communicable infections. They are designed strategically to protect the employee and customer interacting at the front desk, along with the easy exchange of documents or goods is possible through the open space left at the top.

Buy reception desk sneeze guards for offices, billing counters at the pharmacies, hotels, motels, cafes, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Moreover, boost your purchase with our range of sneeze guards and safety products. Do not forget to have a sight of our hanging or countertop sneeze guards, adjustable screen sneeze shields, sanitizer dispenser floor stands, and so much more.

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