Promotional Set Up Package

Promotional Set Up Package


Package Includes

  • Banner stands

    Korean Style X Bannerstands (2' x 5')- Qty 2

    Graphic with Hardware

  • Blank Full Color Table Cover

    Blank Full Color Table Cover (8' x 2.5')- Qty 1

    Color Red, Hot knife cut, 4 sided


If you want to get your brand noticed at a trade show or exhibition our Korean Style X Banner stands - (2' x 5') stand tall and wide so that everybody present at the event can get a good look at what your brand is all about. With our promotional set up package, businesses can really make a positive impact at corporate events and gain some much needed attention of the audience. With our Korean Style X Banner stands, you can get to display your company's message along with your company's logo using various design options that goes along with your brand image. With an extensive collection of banner stand displays available in our promotional setup package, you can rest assured that you will be getting the kind of promotional banners and flags that will make your brand name stand out during important events.

Korean Style X Banner stands

When it comes to banner stand displays for trade shows, exhibitions and other indoor and outdoor events, functionality remains key along with creative designs that pull in an audience's attention. Luckily with our Korean Style X Banner stands, you get to have both at a very affordable price. The specially designed banner stands are shaped like an X, and are the perfect option when you need a portable and easy to install banner stand that can be set up in minutes. There can be nothing worse than having banner stand displays that take hours to set up. Unfortunately, average promotional banners and flags may start to sag after being set up. This is why at BannerBuzz we only use the best quality materials in the design and manufacturing of our premium quality Korean Style X Banner stands so that our clients can rest assured that they will be getting the very best in both design and quality, all under one roof. Our Korean Style X Banner stand displays are just the thing you need to create absolutely stunning presentations at corporate events to reel in more visitors and stay ahead of the competition.

Fitted Table Cover

And that's not all, our promotional set up package also offers our clients with premium quality Fitted Table Cover to spruce up the look of your event. Made from top quality material, our table covers can give your event a polished look your visitors will appreciate. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, the Fitted Table Cover offers superior quality along with the customization you need to help you get your message across in the best way possible. Who thinks of putting their company's logo on a table cover? Well, the smart ones do. Imagine what your visitors will think about your brand when they see your company's logo on our stylish, fitted table cover. Putting your company logo on promotional banners and flags offers the best way of showing your guests just how committed you are. And who wouldn't want to do business with a company that takes their business that seriously? We would! The table covers, promotional banners, and flags have been designed using the best quality fabric and state of the art technology to ensure that all the products offer superior quality that lasts. What this means is you can use our Fitted Table Cover for multiple times before needing a change. Now that's a good deal!