Vinyl posters are shiny smooth material which allows advanced printing. Vinyl posters are popular among marketers because of its visual quality. The graphics and texts look greatly impressive on this material. These posters can be used on any smooth surface such as corrugated board, foam board, metal sheet, and plywood.

Posters are one-sided and pre-glued for easy peel-and-stick on any smooth surface. Unlike hanging banners, Posters do not require holes, Eyelets, strings or nails. They are best suited for indoor use; however, can be used in the outdoors too.

BannerBuzz introduces high quality, visually impressive vinyl posters to its customers. We make sure high image quality for all our vinyl posters with a view to create a world class visual experience. You can either ask us to create a poster for you or can choose from our exclusive poster collection.

  • The posters have pre-glued back which helps in easy peel and stick application.
  • They are applied outside of the glass.
  • These are one time application and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor utility.
  • These are digitally printed at 720dpi to 1440dpi resolution in full color.
  • Signs with more than 5 feet in Height and Width come in two pieces which helps in easy installation.
  • Simple Installation. Many installation Videos are available on YouTube for reference.