Office Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)

Office Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)


Portable Tabletop Barriers for Employees’ Safety:

  • Sturdiest 5750 GSM Clear cast acrylic panel
  • Act as a perfect barrier for prevention from COVID-19 & other airborne infections
  • One standard size available to fit in your table size
  • Bulk quantity discounts

Safe and preventive business meetings with Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guards

Assure your employees and visiting clients on safety standards with our durable range of sneeze guards and other safety supplies. One of the competent safety product comes here is the tabletop desk divider sneeze guard for your office. Tabletop sneeze guards work as protective barriers among the individuals present at opposite ends during the meeting hour and other discussions in the office.

Quality-driven technology and materials used in Desk Divider Sneeze Guards

Experiencing the unlock situation across the country and even the world, it is highly recommended to be back to businesses with the right precautions and necessary tools.

  • The panels are made from high-quality cast acrylic for easy assembling and fixing at the work desk.
  • The 5750 GSM cast acrylic material is the vital player in bringing utmost sturdiness and balance to the sneeze guard.
  • Rightly picked and installed safety tools would aid in ensuring safe and secure utilization of workspace, stores, and other commercial setups that are used to accommodate a large number of employees before the COVID-19 situation has hit us.
  • But now with a clear cautious mind to adhere to the safety measures, it is advisable to opt-in certain types of safety equipment to equip the corporate and commercial spaces with the best safety standards.
  • Be it office, commercial setups, grocery stores, clothing mart, or other service providing venues; it is vital for every space needs to be amended as per the new norms keeping the safety and precautions against the Coronavirus pandemic spread.
  • Install tabletop sneeze guards at the corporate work desks or business tables at the commercial stores, managerial desk at the restaurants, and many more for utmost precaution against the infection spread.
  • Durable and see-through cast acrylic or plexiglass panels ensure the role of barriers in between the communicators by blocking the germs that may spread through someone’s sneezing, coughing, and communicating. The glossy finish adds an extra charm and sophistication to the panels.

Bulk discounts are another prime feature that we have to offer you. Buy in bulk to complement huge spaced business requirements. Contact us for further information.