HIP Reflective Acrylic Signs


Explore the Radiant Charm of Reflective Acrylic Signage

Dive into the lively realm of High-Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Reflective Acrylic Signs, where each creation is not merely a sign but a reflection of your brand's vision. Made from top-tier Shatter-Resistant Cast Polymer Acrylic, these signs feature a striking opaque finish, perfect for creating a noticeable impact. Boasting a significant 5 mm thickness and a weight of 5550 GSM, these acrylic office signs merge extraordinary durability with a powerful presence. Their printing involves HIP Reflective film carefully placed on a clear acrylic sheet, ensuring your message remains bright and lasting.

The shining Glossy Finish Acrylic, with a tensile strength of 760 kg/cm², draws attention and conveys a feel of high-end professionalism. This strong material guarantees the signs retain their structure and appearance in a range of environments, from bustling small enterprises to personal branding efforts. Furthermore, with a tear resistance of >=1016 Ohm, these Custom HIP signs are a sturdy, vivid, and reflective choice to boost your visibility, holding up in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Set Off on a Customised Journey with a Broad Array of Design, Finish, and Mounting Options

At the essence of our Custom Rigid Acrylic Signs lies a commitment to unparalleled customisation. Select from a diverse array of finishes, such as clear, frosted, opaque, and the popular HIP reflective, each matching your individual aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you're executing a specific vision with your artwork, picking from our extensive design catalogue, or working alongside our skilled designers, your creative ambitions are achievable.

For installation, our Easy Installation Acrylic Business Signs present straightforward choices. Choose the convenience of double-sided tape or a range of mounting options, ensuring your sign is displayed just as you picture it. The stand-off mounting offers an elegant, floating appearance, adding an engaging aspect to your sign.

Peerless Clarity and Visibility: Key Traits of Our Acrylic Signage

Our Professional Acrylic Signs are known for their High Optical Clarity, providing a glass-like transparency without the risk of breaking. This clarity is crucial across all settings, ensuring your message is conveyed with vibrancy and accuracy.

Using cutting-edge UV Printed Signs technology, these signs deliver unparalleled colour vibrancy and visibility, key for businesses and brands looking to boost their presence. The combination of premium materials, advanced printing techniques, and detailed finishing touches makes these signs an essential part of your communication and branding strategy.

Encapsulating quality, innovation, and broad customisation, BannerBuzz's Customisable Acrylic Outdoor Signs are more than mere signs; they're a strategic branding investment. Each sign is crafted to convey your message with clarity, professionalism, and a lasting impression.