Face Shield

Face Shield


Protective Face Gear against viruses:

  • Comprises Transparent Polyethylene Terephthalate Visor (PET) sheet for prevention
  • The see-through face shield sets perfectly on the forehead with its super-flexible elastic
  • Available in a pack of 5, 10, 100, and more
  • Easy-to-clean with soap water, sanitizer and hence, re-usable

Face Shield with Super-Flexi Elastic for Protection & An All-day Comfort

Face shields are one of the vital preventive face gears to be safe in this pandemic era. Protect your face, forehead, eyes, and mouth by adhering to the habit of wearing face shields and face masks before moving out of the house or office. They are a must for every individual who has to be outside for personal and official tasks. Face shield safeguards the individual against the airborne infections and simultaneously doesn’t let the air driblets spread around through the person wearing a face shield.

Sturdy, high-quality Face Shields are lasting & easy-to-wipe

Make face shields more effective to provide you with the utmost safety by adding face masks to your purchase. Face shields are protective, though they are safer when worn with face masks. The opening at the neck, somehow, holds the chances of spreading or catching the viral and bacterial infections, and therefore, face masks are needed here to solve that obstacle too.

Sterilization of face shields is a feasible task. Keep them clean and safe by applying or cleansing them with sanitizer or soap water. We provide safety supplies like face masks, face shields in a pack of 50, 10, 500, and more so that you can complement both personal and commercial requirements. Buy them in large quantities for employees, workers, and other vital people at your workspace.